Custom Bronze






"Private mc residence" - there are several parts to this extensive job -

Balcony - exterior balcony rail is all bronze including the walking area of the balcony.

Elevator - the entire elevator cage was fabricated out of bronze, approximately 6 tons of material. We also put in the glass work, all hinged for cleaning. The design was 2 story, five-sided structure made to fit around the elevator. The preliminary design was done by a local architect, which we refined to make it work with the materials. Just the elevator work alone was around 4 months of fabrication, jointly between two shops. The finish was acid antiqued, hand rubbed oil bronze.

Interior Rail - the interior rail was bronze, custom forged master patterns were used as the mold for custom castings at a foundry in bronze, and fabricated for this job. The finish was acid antiqued, hand rubbed oil bronze.

Dock Rail - this rail was completely hand forged copper and reposeed, hammered, and textured in our shop. We developed the fish designs ourselves and made many samples in aluminum, until we got the right look for each species of fish. The fish were three dimensional. The sea kelp leaves were also hand forged, hammered, and textured by our shop. The aluminum "rope" style sample cap was fabricated and twisted in our shop. The copper was hand polished and allowed to age naturally. There were a total of 21 different fish species represented in the rail. All art form and design was by Mudge Metalcraft, Inc.









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